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We have 19 years of experience in producing high-quality silicone products and are dedicated to providing excellent OEM and ODM services. Our satisfied clientele includes over 500 distinguished companies and individuals, ranging from Fortune 500 enterprises to Amazon entrepreneurs. We would be honored to have the opportunity to serve you and help you benefit from our services.

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Food-grade production level help your products beat peers

Kitchen and baby products need extra protection, our silicone household products can pass the strict inspection of the FDA and LFGB.

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China’s leading production level, taking into account efficiency and cost

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Step one: Mix all kinds of silicone raw materials, to ensure that the appropriate color and performance can be achieved.


Step two: Cut the mixed raw material into a shape of suitable size, which is for better matching with the mold later

Vulcanization Molding

Step three: Place the raw material in the corresponding cave on the mold, and perform high-temperature vulcanization molding in the mold

Release treatment

Step four: Release the silicone product from the mold and remove the excess silicone edge around the product

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China’s Leading Silicone manufacturer will take your product to the next level.

Our modernized silicone product production workshop and comprehensive services are our advantages.

We can guarantee a full process from design to delivery.

① Shared Idea

Share your project budget, procurement plan, project design, etc. with us, and we will establish the project process through dialogue

② Design Communication

Design the details of your product, not only to meet the function but also to take care of the appearance and cost

③ Bulk manufacture

Lean production, from raw materials to production process to mass inspection, we produce accordind to ISO 90001 production principle

④ Packing Shipping

Good packaging and transportation plan will keep your goods the safety save costs during the cargo transportation process.

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