WeiHansilicone Founded in Hefei city 2007,in the past decade, we merger three silicone factories, set up a silicone product research center, serving more than 20 countries, 180 customers. We have a mature R & D and production capacity, undertake every part work as product design, production mold build, mass production, quality testing. And all products committed to pass FDA or LGFB test.

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Our customer mainly from the United States, Japan, Korea and Germany and other European countries. We have customized home silicone products for more than 50 America companies、adult silicone product for more than 25 Japanese and Korean companies. The annual export volume is about 80-90 container,to Augth. 2017 our product covers more than 1 million family users.

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A strong and stable supply chain is the foundation of a company’s success and one of the magic weapons to defeat its opponents. Weihan has been focusing on silicone solution since 2004. We have won the long-term trust of customers with our constant pursuit of quality and service and have helped many customers go toward success

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Our team is comprised of young and highly efficient professionals, each of whom possesses a bachelor’s degree and has undergone six months of product training. To ensure that we remain at the forefront of the silicone industry, we arrange for our team members to attend training sessions in the latest silicone technology from both the United States and Japan on an annual basis. Furthermore, we actively seek out and recruit top talent from across China’s silicone industry, which has enabled our team to grow rapidly. We are confident that we will become the most prominent team in China within the next five years.

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Griffin Dubanowich
USA -Brand owner

Over the past 12 years, our brand has relied heavily on the local market to grow our business steadily. However, in 2008, we started collaborating with Weihan, whose silicone kitchenware helped us tap into a new market that differed from our traditional business channels. Thanks to this partnership, we were able to outperform our competitors and quickly expand. Today, our silicone kitchenware is showcased in over 100 supermarkets throughout Los Angeles.

Bucket Henry
Germany- importer

We consider ourselves fortunate to have been pioneers in the silicone product market, and it has been equally gratifying to witness the growth and development of Weihan. Their quick product development capabilities and market sensitivity have been immensely helpful to us, as we have been able to save a lot of time and effort on market surveys. Compared to other partners, we believe that their service and expertise are truly first-class, and we have been very pleased with our collaboration over the past four years.

Raanan Levy
USA Online-shop seller.

In 2016, we achieved a remarkable feat by winning the Best Sales of Silicone Baking award on Amazon.com, which was a significant milestone for our business. I personally earned more in that year than I had in the past 32 years, and we attribute much of our success to our partnership with Weihan. They possess a thorough understanding of Amazon’s rules and regulations, and their expertise in this area surpasses even my own. I am immensely grateful to Bryan Yin in particular, who has become my most trusted Chinese partner.


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