Weihan Silicone

China’s East China region excellent silicone products manufacturers

Product quality is our greatest honour.

In the Past three years. Our order delivery rate is close to 100%. In the past three years, children’s silicone products, kitchen supplies, medical products, 100% passed the FDA CE ROHS quality inspection. There have been no quality inspection issues in the past three years. We adhere to high-quality production and inspection standards, and take seriously the production, packaging, transportation, testing and other work links, the third-party cargo inspection work pass rate is 100%.

TOP 10 of International Business skill Competition Of  China Eastren Region

With  General Manager of Alibaba International Business part

2018 East China New Foreign Trade Superior Business Conference was held on January 3rd – 4th at the Alibaba Hangzhou Riverside Headquarters. East China Region combined with Alibaba.com for the first time to gather East China’s excellent business, aiming to redefine the new positioning of the excellent business group under the strategic changes of the website, and provide new quality services and resources.

2017 Foreign Trade Masters Championship of Anhui Province

On November 29, 2017 (Wednesday) 13:00-17:30, more than 600 foreign trade companies gathered in Hefei to hold a new foreign trade masters (Anhui provincial finals). On the day of the finals, judge the champion by sharing the excellent and practical work experience of each company in his own business and entrepreneurship, and consider whether the company’s shared content can help more SMEs and help many SMEs use the Internet to carry out foreign trade. Realize the transformation and upgrading of the company itself.

Anhui Weihan finally won the championship.