Weihan Silicone

China’s East China region excellent silicone products manufacturers

Sample development design:

Through the 3D image design, we can analyze how the sample is processed and customized, how to develop the mold, and provide customers with reasonable and reasonable design of quality, design and performance.

What you can get?

1. Complete 3D product design before the mold is made, and the appearance of the product is visualized.

2. First make a sample and then make the goods to ensure the product is suitable.

3. There is a detailed quotation before the mold production, and the funds are prepared in advance.

Mold development design:

To provide you with high-quality molds, precision up to 0.001mm for your products to achieve fast, quality, practical products.

1. The mold develops a reasonable number of holes to achieve the fastest production.

2. Design precise molds to provide you with quality products.

3. The appearance is finer, the product has no burrs, and the perfect mold line.

Product Optimization Services:

Through analysis, summed up the applicable performance of the product, combined with years of industry experience, to provide customers with product optimization quality program.

What you can get?

1. Product quality problems, such as: poor elasticity, poor toughness, poor transparency, insufficient strength, poor flame retardancy, poor temperature and weather resistance, yellowing, poor adhesion, cracking and aging.

2. Practical performance problems, such as: poor efficacy, low cost performance, unreasonable design, poor applicability, and not durable.

Customized solution:

Through Weihan procurement problem point solutions, we provide customers with reasonable, high-quality and practical products and services.

What you can get?

1. Whether the design of the custom mold is reasonable, product performance solution.

2. How to find the root cause of the product problem, the sample performance and other problems analysis solutions.

3. Quotation bidding solution, mold modification solution.

Price concession service:

Through the reasonable price of the product, long-term cooperative relationship to the customer preferential service, mold fee refund and other preferential services.

What you can get?

1. Make price adjustments for large-volume product customers through mold opening.

2. For large-scale customers, long-term cooperation customers return mold costs and stabilize long-term cooperative relationships.

3. Free proofing and opening of molds for old customers, thanks to long-term cooperation and support.

Production process introduction

Through Dibo environmental green production, we will introduce in detail how the products are processed and customized, and transparently process and process the customers, so that customers can place orders with confidence.

1. Let you know how your product is processed and shipped to you.

2. What materials and processes are used in your products.

3. Explain the performance of the product and the production of raw materials.

4. Mixing and additives of raw materials and the process of forming vulcanization.