Dogs eat too fast, how to correct them in time?

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Many owners do not understand why dogs eat at the speed of war. They usually offer delicious food and drink, but their meals are not decent! As a master, you should understand the reasons for this in order to correct the symptoms.Gobbling, why they do that?

1 Legacy habits

The ancestors of dogs need to prey on their own to survive in the wild. The competition for food is under great pressure, and they must eat their food before the opponent takes away their food. This habit has continued and has not changed.

2 Life Changes

If you want to eat meat in the wild, most needs to separate the meat from the bones, which will take a certain time, but now as a pet in the family, this step is omitted. So it also exacerbated the dog’s “gobble” to some extent.

Do you know eating too fast may have many hidden dangers for our pets

1 Causes vomiting

The dog eats too fast, the grain particles are not chewed enough, and the whole food enters the digestive tract, which easily stimulates the upper digestive tract, causing discomfort to the dog and vomiting the food.

2 Indigestion

Eating too fast makes it easy to eat more, which can cause indigestion, which may cause soft stools, smelly stools, and even gastritis and other digestive tract diseases.

3 Obesity

Dogs eat too fast, which will make them feel that they are not full and will continue to eat. They are prone to overeating and becoming obese. Obesity is also easy to cause joint, heart, blood pressure, low back and spine diseases. This makes it easy to overeat.

4 Stomach dilation-gastric volvulus

Eating too quickly may also cause gastric dilatation-gastric volvulus, which is a fatal acute disease. If the treatment is not timely, the dog may die within 1-3 hours.

How to corret it to aviod the dangers?

1 Slow food bowl

Slow food bowls can effectively reduce the dog’s eating speed. It can also be selected according to the dog’s body type and mouth shape. The purchase of slow food bowls mainly considers the size, depth, material, non-slip effect and degree of cleaning.

2 Leaking ball

Leaking food balls can not only help dogs slow down their eating speed, but also promote intellectual development. It can also help pass the boring time, consume a certain amount of energy, and make eating fun.

3 Eat smaller meals

After the dog’s food intake is determined, the one-time food intake can be divided into multiple doses, which can force the dog to slow down the eating speed.

4 Password feeding

If we have time and patience, we can try password feeding, which can also promote interaction and emotion.