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Five silicone household items you must know

By 3.2 min readPublished On: January 8th, 2019Last Updated: January 21st, 2019Categories: Silicone industry knowledge, Silicone market, Silicone products

There are thousands of types of silicone products in market, and every year has several products are very popular . Today let’s discuss the five products, which mainly appear in the outdoor-sports category.

Name: Collapsible silicone coffee cup

Material: food grade silicone + PP

Capacity: 350ML

Net weight: 140g

Gross weight: 160g

Size: 8.7*8.7*14(5.8)cm

Color: cashmere blue, deep sea blue, mustard green, lilac purple, cherry powder, ash gray

Scope of application: business trip, business office, home daily, etc.

Features: High temperature borosilicate glass is used as temperature resistant glass cup, resistant to temperature and fall, can withstand temperature -40~220 °C; widened and thick anti-slip anti-scalding silicone cup cover can effectively prevent the cup from being hot and hot. Food grade silicone cup lid drinking hole free back design, cup lid with rotary sealing cup buckle;

Product material: environmentally friendly silicone

Product weight: 65g / double

Product size: 9*8.8*0.2cm

Product color: white / pink / blue / skin color

Product features: protect the heel, prevent cracking of the heel

Suitable for the crowd: long-term walking, standing, office workers, sports people, people who like to wear high heels

Features: soft silicone material, invisible and elastic to relieve the heel pressure, can effectively prevent the foot soles, effectively lock the skin moisture of the footsteps, moisturize the skin, gently eliminate the dry cracks of the feet.

Product material: silicone or TPU

Product advantages: makeup sensation affixed to the liquid foundation, waterproof surface layer does not penetrate the liquid foundation, no powder easy to apply makeup; after applying makeup, wipe with a paper towel or rinse with water, you can be as clean as new.


  1. Silicone puff does not waste powder, help you save the expensive cosmetic, please apply a small amount of makeup on multiple times, pat the pressure on the makeup;
  2. Do not remove the silicone puff surface protection film, and use a liquid cleaner above 40 °C for mosquito repellent;
  3. Keep away from heat and fire, please keep out of reach of children.


Some pros may worry about uneven makeup or floating powder on the silicone puff, and its practical method will not be embarrassing! Because of the special silicone material, it does not absorb powder at all, so the amount of liquid foundation or bb cream should be reduced compared to ordinary sponge puff, otherwise it will be thick, uneven, or floating powder. When using it, also pay attention to a small amount of pat on the powder, do not force it! (It’s a very good product!)

Product color: yellow, red, black, green, blue, purple


Body shaping: 28.5*1.4cm, thickness: 3.7mm, 4.7mm

Fitness: 25.5*5cm, thickness: 0.4, 0.6, 0.8, 1, 1.2mm


It can be used for fitness, sports, yoga, and is suitable for people of all ages. Easily use the rally belt at home, do not need to go to the gym, do not need to line up, do not need to spend time to go to the gym, at any time, as long as you have time, want to exercise to exercise, and affordable, targeted.

Product material: environmentally friendly silicone

Product structure: 55*55mm

Product weight: 40g / piece

Packing specification: neutral color box / OPP bag

Product color: green, pink, blue, transparent, purple.

Product features: environmentally friendly materials, no irritating to the skin; safe and reliable, no scald and scratching; easy to operate, cupping at any time and anywhere; strong suction,tough and durable, easy to clean and disinfect; exquisite appearance Can be used as a gift.