Silicone cover, cartoon cup cover, silicone fresh cover

The silicone cap made of food grade silica gel material can be used with various coffee cups, lids of water cups, heat preservation, insect proof and dust prevention; according to the principle of pneumatic pressure, it has a strong adsorption function to effectively seal the cup mouth. It has the functions of leakproof and heat preservation; the product adopts high temperature vulcanization molding of hydraulic press, and according to the stable chemical properties of silica gel raw materials, it has high temperature resistance, 100% environmental protection and non-toxicity. It is a mainstream product with environmental protection concept in today’s silicone gift market. The products are deeply loved by consumers.

Silicone cup cover features:

1. High density, easy to clean, no aftertaste, no bacteria, no rust and water seepage, no deformation during long-term use.

2, heat and cold resistance, in the environment of 300 high temperature to minus -50 degrees, the performance is still good, colorless, tasteless, not easy to age.

3, a wide range of uses, can be used in microwave ovens, ovens, steam ovens and so on.

4, note, silicone soft performance is good, do not use sharp tools to pierce, can not be directly burned with fire.

Product advantages

1. It is made by the process of vulcanization molding. The production process is safe and hygienic, and it is made of imported food grade silica gel from Japan.

Products of other materials are safer and more environmentally friendly;

2, the product has good flexibility, it is not easy to change the shape, it is very firm;

3, easy to carry, easy to clean, always glamorous and bright;

4, high and low temperature resistance, up to 230 degrees, the lowest can reach -40 degrees;

5, oil resistant, corrosion resistant, resistant to microwave radiation;

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