Car silicone case, steering wheel cover, silicone steering wheel cover

Features: 1. The overall material is made of high-grade leather and double stitching; 2. The line is even and tidy, beautiful and stylish, showing the atmosphere; 3. It is made of fine leather, elaborately made, and the style is novel and diverse, giving you a comfortable grip. Excellent, beautiful, stylish, let you enjoy the perfect driving pleasure; 4, using environmentally friendly inner ring, healthy, non-toxic and odorless;

【cleaning method】:

1. Use a soft animal brush to remove surface dust and dirt. When the pollution is serious, the rubber can be used to gently and evenly push out the dirt to remove the dirt.

2. Wet with a dry towel once a week and wring it out, and wipe it gently several times.

3. If there are stains on the surface, use a clean wet sponge to dip the mild detergent pattern, then let it dry naturally.

4. If sprinkle the drink with grease, immediately dry it with a clean cloth or sponge and wipe it with a damp cloth. Do not wash. Then let it dry naturally, not dry with a hair dryer.

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