Headphone sleeve, earphone silicone sleeve, headset silicone sleeve

The silicone headband is made of imported food silicone material and is hot pressed. It does not have any influence on the human body. Due to the strict selection of high-quality materials with durability and heat resistance, the safety, functionality and diversity of the products are guaranteed to the utmost. Good protection for electronic products and toys. Maintain the aesthetics and protection of electronic products.

product name】:

Headphones silicone case, headset silicone case

【product weight】:

25 grams

【Product Size】:

60mm × 185mm × 28mm size can be customized as required



【product material】:

100% environmental grade silicone

[Appearance processing]:

Multicolor silk screen: transfer: injection

【Product color】:

Blue (International Standard PANTONE color can be customized)

[Scope of application]:

Silicone environmental protection gifts, advertising promotional gifts, protective accessories, digital peripheral protective sleeves, silicone products, etc.

【Product packaging】:

OPP bags can also be packed according to customer’s requirements;

【certified product】:

ROHS, REACH, FDA testing and certification

Product Features:

It can effectively protect the appearance of hard objects leaving scratches on electronic products.

Silicone sleeve advantages:

In the appearance, you can print a variety of glyphs, have a cosmetic effect! Beautiful, generous.

It has a certain degree of softness and expansion, and it will not be deformed for long-term use.

The silicone headgear has a non-slip effect; and the hand feel is very good.

Easy to use, dustproof, fingerprint resistant, easy to handle; moderate hardness

Has good elasticity, wear resistance, environmental protection, high temperature resistance, etc.

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