iPhone Silicone Case, iPhone Silicone Case, iPhone Case

With the rise of smart phones, the iPhone 7 has just listed a silicone protective cover has gradually become a new wave of the market, this insurance
The jacket is designed for the iPhone7 and is made of 100% natural silica. The transparent high-strength raw material makes it
It has a longer life, and the mold design is more fashionable, becoming the first protection jewelry for consumers!

product description:
Name: iPhone Silicone Case
Material: Silicone
Hardness: 45±5°
Color: Multicolor (custom)
Weight: 1.2g
Packing: PP bag and box
Size: 35.5mm × 27mm × 2.7mm can be customized according to customer needs
Scope: electronic prevention, appearance decoration, anti-drop and shockproof, etc.
Delivery: 3-7 working days for model, 7-10 working days for large model
Product Certification: ROHS, REACH, FDA Testing and Certification
Product Features:
1. It can effectively protect the appearance to prevent the hard objects from leaving scratches on the screen or the body.
2, in the appearance can be printed a variety of colors, there is a role of beauty! Beautiful, generous.
3, has a certain degree of softness and expansion, long-term use will not appear deformation.
4, silicone protective cover has a non-slip effect; and the feel quality is very good.
5, easy to use, dustproof, anti-stain fingerprint, easy to handle; moderate hardness
6, with good flexibility, wear-resistant, environmental protection, high temperature resistance, etc.

Silicone phone case technology:
Many of the mobile phone silicone sleeves that you see have very beautiful patterns, so how do these patterns come from? The following is a description of the mobile phone made after molding.
The process required for the pattern: the surface treatment process, the most surface treatment is the spray hand oil, which can make the phone cover feel good. This is also the simplest
Single surface treatment. Silicone products are easy to adsorb dust in the air under normal conditions and have a certain viscosity. Spray a thin layer on the surface of the silicone sleeve
The hand oil is both dust-proof and hand-feeling. Spraying oil and laser engraving process, after the silicone sleeve is finished, a layer of colored ink is sprayed on the surface of the silicone sleeve.
Then laser out the pattern, and then spray a layer of feel oil on the surface. This process is more popular. In the epoxy dispensing process, a colored liquid glue is applied to the already finished silicone sleeve to make a pattern. The color printing process prints any color pattern on the silicone sleeve that has been repaired. This process can be a silicone sleeve.
Beautiful and three-dimensional. Feel good. It prints each side of the silicone sleeve and the pattern is very smooth and natural.

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