Key case, silicone case, car remote control set

Silicone car key cover: The product material is made of environmentally friendly edible silicone, non-toxic and tasteless. Silicone key case
Soft and comfortable. After thousands of folds, it still does not deform. Can effectively protect the grinding of vehicle keys in daily use
damage. It can effectively resist slight impact and prevent damage. Closely fit the key. Touched closer to the skin
skin. With good elasticity, wear resistance, environmental protection, high temperature resistance, etc., anti-drop, anti-scratch, anti-scratch silicone car remote control sets:
1. Special protection: It can effectively resist slight impact and prevent damage, so as not to cause unnecessary troubles caused by small mistakes.
2, silicone key case side, top surface, bottom surface completely in accordance with the original car key design, the package effect is amazing, the leather side is basically unable to provide
Good parcel.
3, silicone key set button each key shape, very consistently nested, just like the mobile phone case, the effect is more beautiful and safe.
4, reserved key chain hole: silicone key case, according to the design of the silicone product factory key and reserve the keyhole hole, the key chain can be directly
Hang on the original car key.
5, the back of the silicone key case reveals the original car key logo, the overall shape is the same as the original car key, and the back of the leather is all wrapped, in order to fix
The key, the addition of a snap button, the sleek minimalist without the silicone key case.
6, light and thin service, special car: silicone key package installation, giving people an illusion, it seems to be the original car key, the appearance of strong and strong
According to the original car keys, the design is more beautiful, more docile, simple and generous, designed for your car.

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