Mobile phone case, silicone mobile phone case, cartoon silicone mobile phone case

Silicone phone case, the size of the medium and the softness of the material become its advantage, made of food grade silicone raw materials
Suitable for protection of various models, with good elasticity, wear resistance, environmental protection green, high temperature resistance
Features such as easy to use, dustproof, fingerprint resistant, easy to handle; moderate hardness!

Name: Silicone phone case
Material: Silicone
Hardness: 55±5 degrees
Color: multi-color (can be customized any color)
Weight: 25 grams
Packing: single PP bag plus box
Size: 148mm × 80mm × 14mm can be customized according to customer needs
Performance: environmentally friendly, easy to use, dustproof, fingerprint proof, drop resistant, easy to handle, moderate hardness
Delivery: 3-7 working days for model, 7-10 working days for large model
Product Certification: ROHS, REACH, FDA Testing and Certification
Silicone phone case features
1, cartoon silicone phone case can protect the phone, in case the hard object left scratches on the screen or body of the phone.
2, the phone set can be printed with a variety of colors, there is a beauty role! Beautiful, generous.
3, the silicone sleeve can prevent the nail from being scratched and worn by the button for a long time, and has the function of protecting the screen and the button;
4, the silicone sleeve has a non-slip effect; and the feel quality is very good.
5, easy to use, dustproof, anti-stain fingerprint, easy to handle; moderate hardness
6, with good flexibility, wear-resistant, environmental protection, high temperature resistance, etc.

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