Pad case, computer case, silicone case

The tablet protective cover is made of a food grade silica gel material and a platinum vulcanizing agent is added to be vulcanized at a high temperature.
High temperature resistance, good elasticity, wear resistance, environmental protection, drop resistance, good protection for tablets
Shi, with the rise of smart phones, silicone protective sleeves have become a common protective accessory in life.

Name: Tablet Case / Computer Silicone Case
Material: Silicone
Hardness: 40±5 degrees
Colour: Black
Weight: 104 grams
Packing: single PP bag plus box
Size: 235mm × 150mm × 17mm can be customized according to customer needs
Performance: environmentally friendly, easy to use, dustproof, fingerprint proof, drop resistant, easy to handle, moderate hardness
Delivery: 3-7 working days for model, 7-10 working days for large model
Product Certification: ROHS, REACH, FDA Testing and Certification
Product Features:
1. It can effectively protect the appearance to prevent the hard objects from leaving scratches on the screen or the body.
2, in the appearance can be printed a variety of colors, there is a role of beauty! Beautiful, generous.
3, has a certain degree of softness and expansion, long-term use will not appear deformation. 4, the silicone sleeve has a non-slip effect; and the feel quality is very good.
5, easy to use, dustproof, anti-stain fingerprint, easy to clean, moderate hardness
6, with good flexibility, wear-resistant, environmental protection, high temperature resistance, etc.

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