Perfume sets, perfume sets, silicone perfume sets

Silicone perfume sleeve is mainly suitable for personal hygiene, an environmentally friendly material that focuses on personal cleansing, using food
Made of imported silica gel raw materials, can be used to perfume, clean and disinfect, disinfect the contents of the sputum, perfume sets
It is easy to carry and can be carried at any time when you go out. This product adds a delicate appearance and bright colors.
Guarantee, good practicality and good decorative!

The silicone perfume set is made of platinum vulcanizing agent food grade silica gel. It is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and tasteless, has no side effects, is resistant to high and low temperature, is non-polluting, impervious to water, and resistant to aging.
Practical and suitable, the product has good softness, no cracking, no deformation, no skin irritation, long service life, mild character, and will not have any negative effect on any object.
The colors are bright and colorful: the colors are bright, the texture is exquisite and soft, and the three-dimensional layer is distinct. It is the best gift for friends, a wide variety: can be customized according to customer requirements
Size, design fonts and patterns.
1. Beautiful and fashionable, high-end style, not easy to break, never fade.
2. Green environmental protection (environmental protection materials) is mild and does not have a negative effect on any object.
3. Can be produced according to the styles requested by customers.
4. It is easy to carry, hangs in the car, fragrant and beautiful!
5. You can also install hand sanitizer, or pet bath liquid.
Product specifications:
shape: rectangle
Material: 100% silicone
Specification: 150mm × 82.5mm
Weight: 13.7 grams

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