Perfume sets, silicone perfume sets, silicone perfume bottles

The silicone perfume sleeve is made of 100% food grade silicone rubber. It has excellent durability and anti-aging. It mainly functions to summarize other items, perfumes, drugs and other functions. It has exquisite appearance and beautiful colors. It is modern. A practical item that urban females love.

【product name】:

Silicone perfume bottle cover

【product weight】:

12.7 grams

【Product Size】:


[box size]:


【product material】:

Environmentally friendly silicone raw materials

[product hardness]:

55 degrees

【Product color】:

Pink (PANTONE color custom)

[Appearance treatment]: Secondary vulcanization, electrostatic treatment, fuel injection treatment, silk screen LOGO[Scope of application]:

Silicone daily necessities sheath, daily necessities protective cover, silicone sleeve for perfume bottles, silicone protective cover

【Product packaging】:

OPP bags, boxed packaging, can also be packed according to customer requirements;

[product function]:

Appearance decoration, beautiful appearance, anti-skid, anti-fall, dustproof, wear-resistant and environmentally friendly

【certified product】:

FDA, ROHS, SGS, LFGB Our customized processing products can meet environmentally friendly food-grade testing standards; can pass various environmental certifications;

About silicone perfume set:

Since the rise of the silicone products industry in the past few years, decorative products such as silicone bottle sets and perfume sets have gradually expanded in the market and have been favored by many consumers. From monotonous color development to silk screen multicolor, printing patterns and adding some decorative powders. And the functional powder achieves a certain effect to attract the attention of the consumers. The product can be customized with different shapes and structures, and can be designed by their own ideas and ideas. This is also the unique advantage of using silicone materials!

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