Shock Absorbing Ball, Silicone Shock Absorber, PTZ Shock Absorbing Ball

Silicone shock absorber ball, also known as AV shock absorber, aerial camera pan-tilt ball, is mainly used to eliminate the high-frequency vibration of different frequencies generated by the cloud-based aerial vehicle during flight, which is commonly known as jitter, because of jitter The picture quality is not satisfactory, so it is especially important to reduce the vibration during shooting. This ball should be used with a vibration reduction frame or a vibration damping plate!

Product introduction:[product name] : shock absorber ball[product material]: 100% environmentally friendly silicone[product color]: support order (international standard PANTONE color can be customized)[product specifications]: net weight: 2g 16.5*14.5*5[Scope of application]: Silicone environmental protection gifts, advertising promotional gifts, protective accessories, product protection covers, etc.[Product packaging]: [OPP bag] packaging, can also be customized according to customer requirements;

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