Silicone buckle, jewelry silicone buckle

The silicone protective cover is processed and produced with environmentally-friendly silicone rubber raw materials. The product has good physiological inertness and resistance.
UV, ozone, high and low temperature resistance (-80 to 300 degrees), high transparency, strong resilience, compression resistance
Long-term deformation, oil resistance, stamping resistance, acid and alkali resistance, wear resistance, flame retardancy, voltage resistance, electrical conductivity and other properties. Commonly used
Electronic accessories, daily-use products and other products!

Product Name: Silicone Buckle
Material: Silicone
Hardness: 40±5°
Color: white (International standard PANTONE color can be customized)
Weight: 5g
Packing: OPP bag packaging, can also be packed according to customer’s requirements;
Size: 6.5mm × 5mm × 0.5mm can be customized according to customer needs
Scope: electronic accessories, internal fixing, other sealed silicone buckles, etc.
Delivery: 3-7 working days for model, 7-10 working days for large model
Product Certification: ROHS, REACH, FDA Testing and Certification
Product Features:
1. It can effectively protect the appearance of the sealed product, prevent the product from falling off, and achieve decorative and protective effects.
2, in the appearance can be printed a variety of colors, there is a role of beauty! Beautiful, generous.
3, with the softness and expansion of the rubber band material, long-term use will not appear deformation.
4, the silicone ferrule has a non-slip effect; and the feel quality is very good.

5, easy to use, dustproof, anti-stain fingerprint, easy to handle; moderate hardness
6, with good flexibility, wear-resistant, environmental protection, high temperature resistance, etc.

Product introduction:
Jewelry silicone buckle is an important accessory for electronic products. It has the characteristics of wear resistance, high temperature resistance, no deformation, non-toxic and tasteless, smooth hand feeling, etc.
The bright color makes him favored by Guangfa friends, and it is an ornament that has been popular in China in recent years. With the development of technology, the style of silicone belts is also
Gradually increasing, with environmentally friendly green health care function, is now an ornament that urban friends love. Excellent resistance to high temperature aging and long-term resistance to yang
Light, water, and ozone, which have not been significantly degraded in chemical properties for 30 years, and the durability of silicone rubber in all sealing materials
Can be the best, the color is strong, the natural color of silicone rubber is transparent, you can call any color according to your needs, and its color is almost two years in sunshine.
Does not fade; good sealing performance, the hardness of silicone rubber finished product can be adjusted between 25-90 degrees Shore, the elasticity is quite superior when the hardness is moderate, its super special
Sexuality constitutes the best sealing performance of silicone rubber, non-toxic, non-polluting, and is the most environmentally friendly rubber type of all rubber.

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