Silicone button, remote silicone button, remote control silicone button

Remote silicone button:

As the name suggests, the silicone button is a silicone button made of silica gel. The silicone button is a product of silicone products. The silicone button has excellent heat resistance, cold resistance, environmental resistance, electrical insulation and fatigue resistance. Features.

Application range:

Silicone buttons are often used in electronic calculators, remote controls, telephones, radiotelephones, electronic toys, computer keyboards, learning machine buttons, cipher buttons, and digital product buttons;
Silicone button production needs to consider the diameter, length, width and height of the silicone product, button stroke distance, force requirements, product hardness, color, conductivity requirements, etc.
Silicone buttons include single-point silicone button, remote control silicone button, conductive silicone button, mobile phone silicone button, touch silicone button, transparent silicone button, keyboard button, password button, car button, membrane button, laser button, reset button , home button, pc button, learning machine button, pos machine button, cipher button, digital product button, p+r button, patch-type silicone button, etc.!

1, load pressure: 20 to 500 grams
2, the contact resistance is less than 150 ohms.
3, life: 0.5 to 30 million times.
4, working temperature Celsius: -20 degrees due 180 degrees.
5, storage temperature: -30 degrees Celsius to reach 250 degrees.
6, contact rate: 5 microamps at 12 volts DC for 0.5 seconds and 20 million cycles.
7, contact elasticity: less than 12 million times.
8. Insulation resistance: greater than 10 to the power of 12, ohms at 500 VDC.
9, insulation capacity: 25 to 30 kV / mm.

Press pressure data:
First, the pressing pressure is about 50-80g. Generally, it is suitable for the silicone button of computer keyboard and calculator button. The pressing pressure of this range is not high, it is low, it is easy to press, suitable for the silicone button that needs to be clicked frequently.
Second, the pressing pressure is about 80-120g, generally suitable for electrical buttons, remote control buttons, pressing pressure, comfortable feel, and good resilience.
Third, according to the pressure of 120-180g, generally applicable to the impact of equipment, industrial equipment, mechanical remote control, pressing pressure is much larger than the second, generally suitable for relatively large silicone buttons, resilience is also superior, but not Suitable for products with frequent clicks.
Fourth, according to the pressure of 180g or more, generally this type of pressure-sensitive silicone button is relatively rare, suitable for special industries, such as medical, aviation and other industries, short-term frequent use of fingers are more acidic.

Cause of breakdown:

1) The temperature is too high during molding. The silicone button becomes brittle when the temperature is too high during molding, and the mold is released after molding, which is easy to break.
2) The operation method during demoulding is not correct. Many mold masters do not have professional training or work attentively when demoulding. If they are not demoulded according to strict work instructions, the silicone button will be broken.
3) The silicone button is not completely vulcanized. When the temperature of the silicone button molding mold is too low or the curing time is too short, the product will not be easily released from the mold.
4). The button silicone used is too bad, some factories blindly reduce the cost of using inferior button silicone raw materials, resulting in poor quality of the silicone button produced, the rubber is too poor, the toughness is not good, the memory is broken
5). The silicone key release is not good when the mold is used, which causes the product to rupture during the mold process.
6) A cavity having a rough surface or accumulating dirt is unfavorable for demolding, and a mold which is not easily demolded is easily broken.

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