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Silicone sheath is one of the common products of modern technology, electronics, daily use and other products. With the advantages of high quality performance and environmental protection and non-toxicity, it has been gradually displayed in the market in recent years. It is sore in the back of the ear that is worn for a long time to relieve nerve pressure.

[product name]: silicone case, glasses case [product weight]: 1 g / piece[product size]: 25*10*4MM [box size]: 350*300*300MM[product material]: 100% environmental grade silica gel raw material [product hardness]: 60 degrees[product color]: black (PANTONE color custom) [appearance treatment]: multi-color silk screen: transfer: injection[Scope of application]: Silicone sheath, glasses frame sheath, silicone protective accessories[Product packaging]: OPP bag packaging, can also be packaged according to customer requirements;[product function]: Protect ear pain, relieve function, play decorative effect, anti-slip effect[Product Certification]: FDA, ROHS, SGS, LFGB Our customized processing products can meet environmentally friendly food-grade testing standards; can pass various environmental certifications;

● Product performance:
It has certain softness, no deformation, no harmful substances, long-term use, no yellowing, no fading, strong tensile properties, corona resistance, arc resistance, high and low temperature resistance.
● Product advantages:
It has good softening effect, is completely non-toxic and tasteless, has excellent anti-slip properties, has no reaction with skin contact, and is soft and comfortable.

● Production process:
High tensile raw materials – 10 minutes of mixing rubber – standard weight cutting – normal high temperature vulcanization – QC testing – demolition process – performance test – product packaging and shipping.
● Main features:
High elastic rebound, can be arbitrarily deformed and rebounded, can be buffered to relieve pressure, high temperature resistance, and can be used continuously under unconventional temperature conditions.

● Note:
Do not burn with an open flame, away from sharp sharp tools. Because of the hardware, try not to bend the opposite side.

● Product disadvantages:
Not recommended for use in most thick solvents, oils, thick acids and diluted sodium hydroxide.

Durable, effectively protect the furniture surface from burns and scratches.
◆ The product meets the US FDA food-grade testing standard: 21 CFR 177.2600.
◆ The raw material is 100% food grade environmentally friendly silica gel, which has soft texture and strong plasticity.
◆ Temperature range: -40 ~ 230 degrees Celsius. Baking, freezing still remains soft and not deformed.
◆ Customized according to customer requirements, you can customize any effect you want according to your drawings and samples or ideas!
◆ Strong adsorption, unique soft silicone material can absorb any level of glass, ceramic or stainless steel cup mouth.
◆ Low carbon environment, non-toxic and tasteless, soft, non-slip, shockproof, anti-seepage, heat insulation, not easy to aging, not easy to fade, easy to clean.
◆ A variety of color choices, colorful, customizable shape, silicone products according to the mold structure design high temperature vulcanization, can make any style and structure.

About silicone protective cover:
Many friends wearing glasses often have pain behind the ear, but they can’t concentrate on their work or study. The inspiration for this silicone product design is mainly to solve the pain in the back of the ear to maintain comfort, and secondly to prevent slipping and shattering, in order to avoid The glasses slide down and use silicone material to increase the friction and increase the anti-slip effect. If your glasses need anti-slip or earache, you may wish to try it!

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