Silicone gasket, seal gasket, silicone gasket ring

The silicone gasket plays a role in sealing and damping on mechanical and electronic equipment. It is effectively used in industrial manufacturing such as sluice gates and oil pipelines. The performance of silicone products is good to avoid various leaks. For different application directions, there will be different silicone rubber gaskets, which have a good sealing function.

Silicone gaskets have high temperature resistance, aging resistance, softness, ozone resistance, weather resistance, high and low temperature resistance, color can be varied, hardness is generally between 30-70 degrees, high temperature resistance -40 degrees to 300 degrees, Silicone rubber is also particularly easy to manufacture compared to conventional organic elastomers. Silicone rubber is easy to flow, so it can be molded, calendered and extruded with low energy consumption. Easy to process means high productivity.
main feature:
High and low temperature stability
Inert (odorless and odorless)
Transparent, easy to color
Wide range of hardness, 10-80 Shore hardness
Chemical resistance
Good sealing performance
Electrical property
Compression resistant deformation
Size introduction:
Weight: 4.5 grams
Width: 4.5mm
Thickness: 1.45mm
Inner diameter: 21mm
Outer diameter: 30mm

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