Silicone head, silicone connector, silicone elbow

The silicone joint is customized by high-temperature molding process. The product can operate normally under various environmental conditions. It has certain toughness and tensile resilience. The seal is dustproof and waterproof. It can be customized with different structures, colors and hardness!

[product name] : silicone head (silicone connector)[product specifications]: 15*13*2MM[product weight]: 0.8 g[box size]: 450*450*400MM[product material]: 100% environmental grade silica gel[product color]: purple (international standard PANTONE color can be customized)[Scope of application]: Silicone accessories, electronic accessories, food grade silicone head advertising promotional gifts, etc.[Product packaging]: OPP bag packaging, can also be packaged according to customer requirements;[product function]: combined with pipe at both ends, protection seal fixation[Product Certification]: FDA, ROHS, SGS, LFGB Our customized processing products can meet the environmental food-grade testing standards; can pass various environmental certifications;

Product Features:
1, have a certain degree of softness and expansion, you can choose any hardness
2, with high elasticity and stretch, long-term use is not easy to deform, long service life
3, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, smooth product, no harm to animal skin, can be used with confidence
4, can be bent and deformed immediately and recover immediately, strong tear resistance, tensile strength up to 300%
5, the price is low, can be customized: color, hardness, shape, size, custom production and processing, according to the drawing design
6, using 100% high tensile silica gel as raw material, high transparency, strong tear resistance, anti-aging and non-stickiness, normal use for more than 10 years
7. The product is processed and produced by environmentally-friendly high-strength silicone rubber raw materials. It has no harm to the human body and can be used for long-term skin contact and long-term use.

About silicone connectors:
At present, the silicone joint has been used in many industries. This silicone product has been diversified as a supplementary design. The main functions of the product are sealed and dustproof, fixed structure, joint synthesis and so on. Due to the special nature of the material. It differs from other materials in that it has an environmentally-friendly green standard and can be matched in daily necessities, electronics and any other industry to achieve environmental protection!

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