Silicone mold, silicone ice tray, ice grid silicone mold

The silicone mold has been modeled in the form of a mold to make the desired shape. The silicone ice tray is mainly used to make the main mold of different shapes of the model ice cubes. One model can solidify a plurality of ice cubes, and the efficiency is high. Processed, the product has good softness and high temperature resistance, can be placed in low temperature for a long time, making ice cubes have certain advantages! Raw materials are environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Use food grade silicone high temperature vulcanization molding!

Product Name] : Silicone mold, silicone ice tray

[product weight]: 125 grams[product size]: 170*105*40MM[box size]: 400*400*400MM[product material]: 100% food grade silicone[product color]: blue (international standard PANTONE color can be customized)[Scope of application]: household goods, silicone daily necessities, silicone life promotion gifts, etc.[Product packaging]: OPP bag packaging, can also be packaged according to customer requirements;[product function]: ice cube making, model making, silicone daily necessities,[Product Certification]: FDA, ROHS, SGS, LFGB Our customized processing products can meet the environmental food-grade testing standards; can pass various environmental certifications;

Features and advantages:

1. Special effect three-dimensional, high-precision mold production and processing, the product has the same internal shape and the same shape of ice cubes
2. Soft high tensile silicone raw materials can be used in high and low temperature environments for a long time, which is very suitable for appearance and fit.
3. Volatile, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, long-term use, no deformation, no fading, the same shape remains the same for many times!
4. Soft and high-resilience silicone material, long-term ice-like deformation, can directly contact with the skin without any harm.
5. Durable and easy to wash, reproducible, easy to clean, just need to wipe to restore clean.
6. High toughness material, good tensile length, good resilience, high-strength gas-phase collagen material production and processing customization!

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