Silicone pad, transparent gasket, silicone placemat

The origin of the silicone coaster is tailored by the original practical use of the coaster, and tailored to the quality of life, because many families have a lot of expensive furniture, and the appearance of silicone coasters is widely used. Its softness and wear resistance are better, and it is very popular among users.

Advantages of use:

1. Place the silicone coaster on the table top and the table top. It is non-sticky, non-reflective, does not hurt the instrument panel. It has super strong adhesion and is not easy to slide. Even if the table top is shaken vigorously, the cup will not be shaken due to inertia.

2. The specially treated silicone coaster is soft and elastic, with better adhesion and stronger anti-slip property to the cup;

3, can be directly washed with water, remove the dust on the silicone coaster, can be used repeatedly;

4, the shape can be customized according to the requirements of the guests, the pattern is beautiful and generous;

5, is a green product, the product can be tested by SGS, environmentally friendly food grade certification;

6, high temperature resistance: not melting below 150 ° C, long-term placement on the table does not erode the table top, leaving no traces;

7, durable, dirty direct cleaning, such as no artificial damage life can reach 7-8 years;

8, odorless, non-polluting, no harm to the human body is the biggest advantage of silicone coasters: durable under the direct sunlight of ultraviolet light, no deformation, no odor

9, low surface tension, excellent hydrophobicity, breathability, excellent aging resistance, and unparalleled insulation properties.

10, sound insulation and strong, easy to cut and lay, easy to replace


Silicone for coaster is a non-toxic, special transparent silica gel with two components, high strength, high transparency, high tearing, soft handfeel, strong adhesion and small shrinkage. At present, it has been widely used in three-dimensional branding, clothing printing, webbing, silk screen printing. The viscosity of the package is moderate, high temperature and rapid vulcanization, high transparency, good adhesion, heat resistance, water resistance and good gas permeability. Silicone coaster, a kind of coaster in life, made of silicone material, generally used in restaurants, cafes, hotels and other public places, with strong friction to prevent glass and porcelain cups from falling, there is a certain Insulation to protect the table from burns. The coaster made of silica gel has many shapes, such as cartoon shape, brand shape, simulation model, etc. The surface is also added with patterns, which not only has practicality, but also has a good visual effect. In addition, the temperature sensitive substance is currently incorporated into the silica gel, which has a more intense visual impact.

Production Process:

After the silicone product manufacturer prepares the solid silica gel raw material, solid silica gel material, liquid silica gel color, glue/color-baked, seasoning (filled with solid silica gel in the mold)-pressing-baked (oil press), dustproof Process, cut edge, put anti-counterfeit mark and drop transparent glue, and let the greenhouse stand for more than 4 hours (waiting for transparent glue) to bake and check the oven.

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