Silicone plug, dust plug, silicone dust plug

Product introduction: Silicone industrial parts, mainly used for mechanical, automotive, water transport, aircraft and other aircraft and other mechanical properties, mainly take the role of mechanical equipment buffer, shock absorption, etc., with oil seal, waterproof, flame retardant, anti-fatigue And other characteristics, can be certified by ROHS testing.

Product introduction:
Name: Silicone plug / equation plug
Suitable for: a variety of USB interface appliances (computer printer set-top box audio camera mouse display mobile phone charger).
Material: Imported environmentally friendly silica gel (has passed RoHS).
Size: 18.29*18.97*16mm
Weight: 0.8 g.
Color: red green yellow blue orange black, large amount can be customized color.
Uses: dustproof, moisture proof, waterproof, insect proof and oxidation resistant.
Features: The dust plug is soft and has a hardness of 30 degrees and will not wear the interface.
Packing: 500pcs for one bag and 10 bags for one case.
Products are exported to: Europe, North America, Japan and South Korea and domestic sales.
Application areas:
1, high-quality silicone material, precision mold forming, in line with RoHS.
2, dust, moisture, insects and oxidation.
3. Prevent metal objects from entering the interface and causing a short circuit to damage the computer.

4. Make computer and other digital products more beautiful and fashionable.
Dust and moisture are the two biggest killers of computers, often destroying computers. Especially for the joints that are not commonly used, the accumulated accumulation of dust is accumulated over a long period of time. When I really want to use it, it cannot be used due to the cause of dust and rust. The birth of this series of products is the damage caused by solving the details that are easily overlooked.
Add a dust-proof silicone plug to your computer and other digital products. Spend a small amount of money and buy an insurance for your computer.

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