Silicone ring, silicone gasket, silicone industrial gasket

Silicone industrial parts, mainly used in machinery, automobiles, water transport, aircraft and other aircraft machinery
Strong performance mainly takes the role of mechanical equipment buffering, shock absorption, etc., with oil seal, waterproof, flame retardant, anti-wear
Labor and other characteristics, has passed the European and American testing certification.

The silicone ring can be combined with the mechanical ends on the mechanical equipment to obtain the effect of cushioning and damping during operation. The mechanical equipment needs to be electrostatically sealed to place static electricity.
And other functions, so the use of silicone products to make accessories to give a combination, colleagues can get a good pull, sealing, good tear resistance. mechanical
Performance, wear-resistant and shock-proof during operation. Weight: 5.5 g, inner diameter: 17.8, outer diameter: 24.2, width: 3.8, thickness: 2.8

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