Silicone rubber pad, silicone bowl mat, silicone mat

Silicone rubber pad is mainly used for environmental protection and health, heat insulation and anti-fall in daily life. It is a food-grade silicone material custom-made processing. It is made into a desired shape after two-color silk screen printing and appearance. This product is mainly for children. Type placemats, silicone pads can be customized to handle different color appearances and shapes to meet any user needs!

[Silicone Products]: Silicone Placemat, Silicone Bowl Mat

[product weight]: 110 grams

[product size]: 185*260*3MM

[box size]: 400*400*350MM

[product material]: 100% food grade silicone

[product color]: skin color (International standard PANTONE color can be customized)

[Scope of application]: household daily table silicone pad, silicone insulation pad, children’s mat, promotional gifts, etc.

[Product packaging]: OPP bag packaging, can also be packaged according to customer requirements;

[Product Function]: Prevent children’s tableware from slipping, improve the fun of infants and toddlers, and daily household protection products.

[Product Certification]: FDA, ROHS, SGS, LFGB Different silicone products can achieve environmentally friendly food-grade testing standards; can pass various environmental certifications;

Features and advantages:

1. Animal shape, adding two-color silk screen process to enhance the appearance of the product.

2. The material is soft, stretched and rebounded, and can be folded and summarized, which is convenient and quick to use.

3. Durable and easy to wash, reproducible use, easy to clean, just need to wipe to restore clean.

4. Good adaptability, good environmental resistance, and long-term use without change in different high and low temperature environments.

5. Custom processing can be processed with different hardness and color to achieve the desired effect.

Silicone raw materials:

Silicone is also known as silicone rubber. A kind of synthetic rubber which belongs to rubber, non-toxic and tasteless, environmentally friendly and durable. Silica gel is divided into solid silica gel and liquid silica gel. Our commonly used silicone rubber products are formed by high-temperature molding vulcanization of solid silica gel. It also has a pure grade, so-called 100% food. The grade silica gel must be any chemical that is harmful to the human body during the noon refining process, while the Dibo silica gel manufacturer is made of platinum silica gel, which is environmentally friendly and transparent. The product is green and healthy, and its performance is stable in all aspects, plus soft and smooth. Material, so it is used to make silicone products, daily necessities, etc., practical and environmentally friendly, safe and secure to use

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