Silicone sex products, silicone adult products, silicone women’s products

The silicone sex products are formed by hydraulic molding of medical grade silicone raw materials. The products are internally and externally treated by high temperature secondary vulcanization of silica gel products. It is safe and environmentally friendly. The appearance is treated with fine grinding machine precision grinding. The appearance of the product does not have any clamping lines and burrs. Fine grain is smooth, no harm to human skin and body, you can buy it with confidence!

[product name]: silicone sex products, silicone women’s products

[product weight]: 13.7 g

[product size]: 70*26*20MM

[box size]: 350*350*400MM

Features and advantages:

1. Round lubricated silicone round head design, full massage in different sizes.

2. Soft high-strength silicone raw materials have no irritation to the skin, which is very suitable for women and younger generations, convenient and practical.

3. Comfortable to handle, easy to clean, just use water to wipe clean, can be recycled repeatedly.

4. Soft and non-toxic food grade silicone material, can directly contact with the skin without any harm.

5. Durable and easy to wash, reproducible, easy to clean, just need to wipe to restore clean.

6. High toughness material, the stretching length can reach more than 300%, and the production and processing of high tensile gas phase collagen material is customized!

About silicone massager:

For silicone massagers, silicone dolls were popular in Europe and the United States. In recent years, they have gradually been introduced into China by domestic beauty lovers. Gradually, silicone manual masturbation massagers have been deeply researched and developed in recent years. In recent years, they are very popular in the market. The demand is huge, and it has become one of the daily necessities that women love. Due to the superior material and texture and the beautiful appearance color, consumers are loved and the price is low. It is one of the popular consumer daily necessities. In recent years, the rise of electronic products has begun. As for the design and development of your electric cleansing instrument, as the process market continues to change, the silicone material massager is constantly updated!

About silicone adult products:

Sex products silicone originally originated in Europe and the United States gradually introduced into the country and has a rapid effect. Today, silicone women’s products have become a daily necessities commonly used by urban young people. Because of the use of silicone raw materials, the products are effectively promoted in function and effect. Nowadays, silicone adult products are gradually changing according to the changes in the market, and new silicone products are constantly emerging, which effectively enhances the taste of life quality!

[product material]: 100% medical grade silicone

[product color]: purple (international standard PANTONE color can be customized)

[Scope of application]: sex products silicone, women’s products silicone, female adult products, advertising promotional gifts, etc.

[Product packaging]: OPP bag packaging, outer box packaging, blister packaging, can also be packaged according to customer requirements;

[product function]: massage health care, vibration deep massage, accelerate the promotion of blood circulation,

[Product Certification]: FDA, ROHS, SGS, LFGB Our customized processing products can meet the environmental food-grade testing standards; can pass various environmental certifications;

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