Silicone spoon, silicone soft spoon, silicone rice spoon

The silica gel spoon is produced by the food grade high tensile meteorological method silica gel mixing. It adopts the hardware encapsulation process and the high transparent meteorological method. The product has high density, easy to clean, non-toxic and tasteless, non-permeating bacteria and no water seepage. Soft materials and colors reflect the quality of the product!

Product introduction:

Product Name: Silicone Spoon

Material: Silicone

Hardness: 60±5°

Color: Custom

Weight: 18g

Packing: single PP bag plus box

Size: 150mm × 20mm × 4mm can be customized according to customer needs

Delivery: 3-7 working days for model, 7-10 working days for large model

Product Certification: ROHS, REACH, FDA Testing and Certification

Product Features:

1. High density, easy to clean, no aftertaste, no bacteria, no rust and water seepage, no deformation during long-term use.

2, heat and cold resistance, in the environment of 300 high temperature to minus -50 degrees, the performance is still good, colorless, tasteless, not easy to age.

3, silicone soft spoon procurement of high-strength raw materials, excellent quality and toughness can be repeated twists and turns without deformation.

4, note, silicone soft performance is good, do not use sharp tools to pierce, can not be directly burned with fire.

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