Silicone spoon, soft silicone spoon, silicone soup spoon, dining table silicone spoon

Features and advantages:

1. Two-color appearance, transparent inside and outside colors and colors, seamless, smooth appearance, comfortable hand

2. Soft high-strength silicone raw materials can be used for a variety of foods for a long time, which is very suitable for restaurant use.

3. Comfortable to handle, easy to clean, just use water to wipe clean, can be recycled repeatedly.

4. Soft, non-toxic and environmentally friendly silicone material, which can directly contact the skin without any harm.

5. Durable and easy to wash, reproducible, easy to clean, just need to wipe to restore clean.

6. High toughness material, good tensile length, good resilience, high-strength gas-phase collagen material production and processing customization!


Silicone rubber has much better heat resistance than ordinary rubber and can be used almost forever at 150° without performance change. It can be used continuously for 10,000 hours at 200° and for a period of time at 350°. Widely used in applications requiring heat resistance, hot water bottle seals, pressure cooker ring heat-resistant handles.

Cold resistance: ordinary rubber is late for -20°-30°, that is, silicone rubber still has good elasticity at -60°-70°, and some special formulated silicone rubber can withstand extremely low temperature, such as: low temperature. Silicone o-ring seal.

Disadvantages: Not recommended for most thick solvents, oils, thick acids and diluted sodium hydroxide. Sharp edge cutting is not recommended.

About silicone soup spoon

Early silicone spoons were popular in foreign countries in Europe and America. With the change of consumers’ thinking in China, traditional kitchen products are gradually getting tired of consumers. The selection of novel silicone products has become a lot of consumers’ washing, and the reason why silicone materials can be used by people. The main factor is that the raw material has certain advantages. Its performance is centered on green environmental protection, safe, reliable, healthy and stable, attracting most consumers!

Silicone spoon production customization:

Any silicone product can be customized through the source. The silicone spoon is no exception. The hardware mold is used to process the product into the shape and placed in the raw material for high temperature vulcanization. The custom silicone spoon can be prepared in advance to prepare the product design drawing and product structure. And material selection, the current silicone spoon can be customized in several different ways, the material of the product is selected from hardware, plastic, nylon, pure silica gel and a variety of materials, depending on the design structure, the appearance can choose any color and hard Soft custom processing

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