Silicone strap, children’s patted watch, silicone patted strap

The patted strap originated in 2009 and the silicone material did not appear at the time. In recent years, silica gel has been used.
Materials and steels are designed to meet different form factors, which can be welcomed by the market or depends on its

[product name]: Silicone pat tape [product weight]: 38 grams[product size]: 324*30*2MM, [box size]: 500*450*450MM[product material]: 100% environmental grade silica gel [appearance treatment]: multi-color silk screen: transfer: injection[product color]: blue, pink, rose red (International standard PANTONE color can be customized)[Scope of application]: Silicone jewelry, silicone measuring tools, children’s pat charts, advertising promotional gifts, etc.[Product packaging]: OPP bag packaging, can also be packaged according to customer requirements;[Product Function]: Multi-functionality, beautiful decorative jewelry, measuring tools, convenient ruler, bracelet jewelry, etc.[Product Certification]: FDA, ROHS, SGS, LFGB Our customized processing products can meet environmentally friendly food-grade testing standards; can pass various environmental certifications;

The silicone pat tape itself has a certain tension and softness, feels comfortable, bright colors, environmental protection will not cause damage to the skin, the strap can be bent and deformed at will and immediately recover, which is compared in recent years.
Popular promotional gifts. It has the advantages of abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance, no deformation, no toxicity, no odor, no side effects to the human body, softness, no cracking, long service life, no skin irritation, etc.
Cheap, promotional gifts are good, is one of the green silicone jewelry.
Introduction of Dibo Silicone Products: Silicone clap clap belt, the raw material used is environmentally-friendly solid silica gel, which is formed by the molding of silicone products, vulcanized and pressed, suitable for young people, small and fine
To be beautiful, portable, comfortable, colorful, environmentally friendly, will not cause harm to the skin. It is a popular promotional gift in recent years, non-toxic and tasteless, stainless steel, can pass customs test, anti-
The silicone strap can be twisted and twisted without any deformation, and the article can be rubbed with other items; the “O” shape can be taken on the hand or in the bag for easy carrying. The strap is user-friendly, and the high quality soft material will not
It makes the skin painful and convenient to take. The raw material is made of high tensile rubber, which has good elasticity, easy to wear and good toughness!

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