Soft silicone shovel, silicone spatula, silicone cooking shovel

Silicone shovel, silicone spatula developed from Europe and the United States, gradually flowed into the country a few years ago, it replaced the traditional cooking spatula, as one of the main tools for low-temperature cooking, followed by silicone spatula mainly has good functional characteristics, long-term High temperature resistance, easy to clean and environmentally friendly, non-toxic and tasteless is a kind of kitchenware with excellent safety.

● Product features:

For low-temperature kitchen cooking supplies, for hot food stir-fry, soup preparation, etc., one of the must-have items for barbecue outings

● Product advantages:

The soft elasticity can prevent children from colliding when playing. The fixing effect of the tightness and more effective fixing of the product is sealed by the silica gel. The material properties and the product toughness rebound are stronger, and the long-term use does not deform, and does not age!

● Production process:

Raw materials – mixing rubber for ten minutes – standard weight cutting rubber – hardware rubber – normal high temperature vulcanization – QC testing – demolition process – performance test – secondary electrostatic treatment – product packaging and shipping.

● Material advantages:

Highly elastic rebound, arbitrarily deformed and rebounded, can be lifted up to 100% length, instantly restored, high and low temperature resistant, can be used continuously under unconventional temperature conditions and is easy to clean

● Note:

Do not burn with open flames, away from sharp and sharp knives. The inside of the product is made of silicone glue, and the tension should be controlled to control the power!

● Product disadvantages:

Not recommended for use in most thick solvents, oils, thick acids and diluted sodium hydroxide.

Performance advantages:

◆ Durable, long-term use can achieve no deformation, no fading, no yellowing and other effects.
◆ Products meet the US FDA, UL, ROHS and other environmental protection testing standards: 21 CFR 177.2600.
◆ The raw material is 100% gas-phase environmentally friendly silica gel, soft and soft, and strong in plasticity.
◆ Temperature resistance range: -40 ~ 230 degrees Celsius. High temperature cleaning, freezing still remains soft and not deformed.
◆ Customized according to customer requirements, you can customize any effect you want according to your drawings and samples or ideas!
◆ Strong adsorption, unique silicone inner plug can highlight the dust seal of the product, and the effect is excellent.
◆ Low carbon environment, non-toxic and tasteless, soft, non-slip, shockproof, anti-seepage, heat insulation, not easy to aging, not easy to fade, easy to clean.
◆ A variety of color choices, colorful, customizable shape, silicone products according to the mold structure design high temperature vulcanization, can make any style and structure.

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