Usb cover, usb cover, USB silicone cover

The USB cover is mainly used as a protection function for electronic products. It mainly takes the protection interface to be dustproof and damaged. This product is made of environmentally friendly silica gel. It is non-toxic and tasteless, soft in material, has good elasticity, wear resistance, environmental protection, high temperature resistance, etc. Features.

USB silicone cover introduction:
Name: high temperature usb cover / usb rubber cover
Material: Silicone
Hardness: 50±5 degrees
Color: white, customizable color
Size: 15mm × 9mm × 1.8mm can be customized according to customer needs
Weight: 0.27 g
Performance: high temperature resistance, waterproof, anti-interface damage, electrical insulation, environmental protection, odorless
Scope of application: for links, anti-fall, anti-dirty
Packing: PP bag packaging
Product certification: ROHS, REACH and other testing certification

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