Waterproof strip, waterproof plug, silicone waterproof strip

Silicone waterproof strip, also known as sealing strip, is a kind of sealing product. Organic silicone waterproof strip is also called sealing strip. It is widely used in medical industry, electronics industry and industrial manufacturing industry. It mainly plays the role of sealing and waterproofing. Come out is practical to the electronics industry, and it plays a role of bonding, sealing, waterproofing and insulation on electronic products. The above several uses are essential for electronic products, so organic silica gel has been widely favored in the electronics industry.

The silicone waterproof strip has excellent high temperature aging resistance, long-term resistance to sunlight, water, and ozone. Its chemical properties will not drop significantly after being placed outdoors for several years. In all sealing materials, the durable weathering performance of silicone rubber is The best, the color fastness is high, the natural color of silicone rubber is transparent, can be adjusted according to the desired color, and its color is almost no fade in two years of sunshine; good sealing performance, silicone rubber finished hardness can be in Shaw 25 -Adjustable between 90 degrees, the elasticity is quite superior when the hardness is moderate, and its superior characteristics constitute the best sealing performance of silicone rubber, no
Poisonous, non-polluting, it is the most environmentally friendly rubber grade of all rubbers. It is widely used in some sealing applications.

Our product advantages:
1. Quality Assurance: The quality of goods produced in regular factories is guaranteed.
2. Professional advantage: professional production in the past ten years; timely control of trends and trends at home and abroad;
3, price advantage: factory direct sales, there is no intermediate costs of various links.
4, the advantages of order: can be customized according to customer requirements, to achieve “tailor-made”
5, after-sales advantage: play the professional advantage of the factory to solve the after-sales problem.
6, silicone product size; can be customized according to different specifications of customers.
7. Silica gel process; 100% pure natural solid silicone rubber is pressed by hydraulic press.

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