Our quality control is based on detailed communication with our customers and strict production process control.

Through research and analysis of the distribution of product quality data, we reveal the law of quality differences, find out the reasons that affect the quality difference, and adopt technical organizational measures to eliminate or control the factors that produce defective or non-conforming products, so that the products are in the whole process of production. Every link in the process can be carried out normally and ideally, and finally the silicone products can meet the natural attributes and characteristics of the customer’s needs, namely the applicability, reliability and economy of the product.


Advanced high-precision equipment and mold research and development mold processing technology is exquisite, steel selection is good 718, P20 steel, the product basically has no mold line, beautiful appearance, high quality.


We cooperate with Dow Corning, Wacker, Shin-Etsu Silicone and other companies to achieve international quality system certification, product toughness, surface gloss and long service life.


Our skilled workers have seen pre-job training, using mature rubber mixing technology, detailed technical guidance and production line inspection before and after the process.


More than 20 years of senior engineers on-site supervision and strict management, more than 8 years of technical staff leading production, professional management team, rapid response

5. Inspection team

Specially set up quality inspection team, from product design to delivery, strict quality inspection; strict implementation of ISO9001 quality management system, the non-performing rate is controlled at 1%.

6. Customized packaging

We customize the packaging for each order to ensure the safety of the products in transit. The carton is a 5-layer carton for export quality, printing independent shipping mark, customer logo, cargo information, etc. We will arrange for the vehicle to be delivered to the customs warehouse.