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What are the advantages of silicone toys?

By 2.1 min readPublished On: November 19th, 2020Last Updated: April 19th, 2021Categories: Silicone products

Now days, there is a increasing trend that people start to buy silicone toys for baby, why does people choose toys made in silicine materials?

Let’s see what advantages than silicone toys have:

1. Use food-grade silicone raw materials for production and processing to ensure that this silicone toy will not be harmful to the human body. This is the top priority and the point that everyone is most concerned about.

2. As a play tool, toys must be cleaned after a long time. Silicone toys can be sterilized by boiling or scalding them, and the toys themselves will not be damaged.

3. Long life span. Silicone material has anti-itching properties in the air and will not evaporate because the life span is very long. Not to mention the life span of 10 years and 20 years, I believe that the first child has grown up.
For example, after having a second child five years later, the second child can continue to play with this silicone toy, and the color will be as beautiful as ever!

4. Toys are generally made of soft materials, so that they will not hurt the baby. For example, the same toy is made of two materials: silicone and plastic. There may be a little burr on the toy, so the burr of the silicone material is hurt.
It can’t reach the baby, and the plastic is generally hard, so the baby may be cut.

5. Diversified color choices. Many babies are curious about the world, so he likes all kinds of colors. As he grows up, he may have a soft spot for several colors, so you can choose multiple colors !

6. In this era, I believe that it is normal to give gifts. For example, it is normal to give a small gift or cake to a colleague’s birthday. The same is true for a baby.
What kind of silicone toys to give? What kind of silicone gifts can we give when we reach 5 years old. We can give some silicone pencil cases when we reach 10 years old.

Silicone products are made a lot in children!

As for gifts, the most important thing is to be safe, practical, beautiful and enjoyable.