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What should we do if the silicone phone case turns yellow after being used for a long time?

By 4.8 min readPublished On: November 5th, 2020Last Updated: November 5th, 2020Categories: Silicone industry knowledge

In recent years, the competition for mobile phones has been fierce, especially mobile phones such as Iphone and Huawei have been updated and released every year. As an item for everyone to protect their phones, mobile phone cases have become more and more items that people have to pay attention to or even sought after. According to the survey, basically 90% Of mobile phone users will use mobile phone cases, but for some people who do not like fancy shapes, they usually buy silicone mobile phone cases to protect their beloved mobile phones.

It’s believed that most people have encountered such a problem. The new mobile phone case they bought will turn black and yellow after a short period of time, making the originally transparent mobile phone case beige, which is quite ugly.

What should we do at this time? Throw it away? Reluctant. Keep it? It looks very uncomfortable!

Why is the silicone phone case easy to turn yellow after using it for a long time?
  1. A vulcanizing agent is added to the silicone. The performance of the vulcanizing agent is divided into ordinary type and yellow resistance. Ordinary non-yellow-resistant vulcanizing agent, used in some non-exposed silicone products that can be used for darker colors or low color requirements. Yellow-resistant vulcanizing agents are used for exposed, lighter and brighter colors, and higher color requirements product. The mobile phone case is generally added with a non-yellowing vulcanizing agent. After a long time, the sulfide will be oxidized and then turn yellow.
  1. The yellowing of plastic rubber is one of their basic characteristics. There are many reasons for the yellowing, but another most important reasons is the influence of ultraviolet rays. During use, the sun and light will produce ultraviolet rays. The ultraviolet radiation of plastic makes it It turns yellow, but it does not affect its basic characteristics such as hardness and life.
  1. Yellowing due to tea, coffee, sweat stains or other stains.

How can we restore the phone case to its original appearance?

The first type: Use alcohol for the silicone phone case, or apply some toothpaste to slowly clean the silicone phone case.

The second type: Use an eraser to gently wipe the dirty parts of the silicone phone case.

The third type: Use a cotton swab to apply a small amount of
cleansing lotion to the stain on the silicone mobile phone cover, wait for 1 minute and then gently wipe the cotton swab to remove the dirt.

Fourth: Rub it gently with detergent, then rinse with clean water, and let it dry after washing. Remember, do not be exposed to sunlight.

Fifth: Use transparent glue or tape to stick. There are large-wide transparent glues on the market. Use it to stick it two or three times to try the effect. Maybe some small dust can be removed. If it is too dirty, this will be useless.

Sixth: Wash it in the washing machine.

If it really can’t be cleaned, just throw it away.
Keep the old, you get nothing new!

If you want to make your phone stand out from the crowd, try these tips:

1.If it’s a transparent shell, use a razor blade or small scissors to cut out a personalized picture that fits the size of the case and insert it into the case.

2.If you want to make your phone more beautiful, you can put a paper tape sticker on the outside of the phone case and trim it carefully with a box cutter to completely cover the edge of the phone case without leaving any yellow

  1. Use paint to color the phone case, and do some DIY graffiti or autographs within your abilities, and the phone case will be completely new and unique.

However, to be honest, if your technique is very general, I really don’t like the above approach! ! Why not run naked!

Then again, if you are really tired of silicone phone cases, then you can consider the following materials.

A gold-plated case

Electroplating mobile phone case is a layer of metal coating on the original mobile phone soft cover, wear resistance and oxidation, thin electroplating soft shell is very soft, even if folded will not leave traces, not to be yellow, even if used for a period of time is still as bright as new.

Because the electroplating layer is only a very shallow layer of coating, so wearing it will not affect the thickness and feel of the phone, instead, it will increase the sense of holding while protecting the phone. And still a lot of color is optional, can reflect personalized need more.

PC hard case

Choose some color case or black cases, so that you can’t see, or even rarely see dirty things, so you can’t see it! However, fading and other phenomena will occur after a long time.

Glass case

Compared with the gold-plated case, the glass shell has higher hardness, better texture and smoother hand feeling. However, because the glass is too fragile, if dropped from a high place, the shell may be damaged.

From all aspects of the information, the gold-plated case is the final solution to the yellow mobile phone, if you want to solve the problem of yellow mobile phone case, then buy a gold-plated case!