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Why are silicone folding tableware so popular?

By 2.2 min readPublished On: November 9th, 2020Last Updated: November 9th, 2020Categories: Silicone industry knowledge, Silicone market

According to China’s incomplete statistics in recent years, the silicone tableware produced by China’s silicone products is nearly 60k tons, and there is a continuous upward trend; these nearly 60k tons of silicone tableware are all exported, and exported to some developed European and American countries.

In our daily life, most of the tableware such as bowls and drinking glasses, are mainly ceramics and glass. These tableware materials are relatively expensive, occupying  a certain space and have a certain weight. With the improvement of people’s living standards, the demand for convenience in life has gradually increased. Our manufacturers conform to this demand, and many products are designed around compactness and lightness to meet everyone’s needs.

The emergence of silicone folding tableware just meets people’s needs for lightness and compactness of tableware. Therefore, foldable silicone tableware has been loved by many people, especially those who love outdoor travel. Of course, the popularity of folding silicone tableware has its advantages in addition to being small and light, such as:

1.Environmental protection. Silicone is different from thermoplastic materials. In the process of high temperature heating, the most obvious advantage of silicone tableware is that it can withstand a high temperature of 230 ℃ and maintain its original shape. The characteristics of the material are not affected by temperature and react and pollute the environment.

2. Anti-fall. The silicone material is soft and comfortable, and it is not broken. Many electronic products use silicone material for protection, and the effect is very good, so use folding silicone tableware, you don’t have to worry about breaking it.

3. When in use, it can be loaded with food. After use, it is directly washed with water and then folded into the pocket to save space. It is also convenient to bring it when going out.

4. The color of silicone tableware can be diversified. Silicone tableware can make the color of tableware diversified. You will never face monotonous ceramic tableware every day; during the production process, add color masterbatch to solid silica gel or add liquid silica gel Adding silica gel color paste can mix different beautiful colors.

5. Comfortable touch. Thanks to the softness of the silicone material, the silicone kitchenware feels comfortable to the touch, extremely flexible and does not deform.

6. Silicone tableware has good hydrophobicity, air permeability and anti-aging,which can make the tableware use longer.

7. It is convenient to clean the coating of the non-stick pan, and it can reduce the dry noise during cleaning compared with no friction noise.