Why Silicone Brush is the Secret to a Gentle Yet Effective Clean

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Recently, all kinds of skin care artifacts have become popular. Electric toothbrushes, beauty instruments, and face washing instruments are flooded with all kinds of instruments every day, so I almost moved the beauty instruments home. And many people know that there is a magical cleansing tool, that is, the silicone face cleanser, but many girls don’t know how to use the silicone facial cleanser, and does it really work? The biggest selling point of the silicone facial cleanser is that it is cleaner than your hand-washed.

The basic principle of the cleansing device is still physical friction, and the declared ultrasonic or sound waves are all packaging. Clean the pores The diameter of the pores is much smaller than the diameter of the bumps on the facial cleanser. How does the manufacturer claim that the facial cleanser can penetrate deep into the pores and clean the pores? But considering the actual use effect, the cleansing instrument still has a cleaning effect. For people who love oil, often clogged pores, excessive oil secretion and develop acne, it is better to use a facial cleanser to wash their face. The facial cleanser can effectively help clean the dirt in the pores, which is several times more powerful than traditional cleansing. However, people with sensitive skin and wounds on the face are not recommended to use the cleansing device. Use of auxiliary tools such as face flaps can also achieve a good cleaning effect.

Nowadays, women are keen on makeup and worry that the layer after layer of makeup can not be effectively cleaned up. Makeup remover products are not enough, and tools must be used to effectively clean up. The silicone facial cleanser captures this psychology of women and captures the market under the label of “going deep into the pores and not damaging the skin”. However, seeing this dense brush head, one hundred times larger than the pores, I really don’t know how to get deep into the pores to clean the skin. The principle of most facial cleansers is to use high-frequency vibration to make the dirt and oil contained in the skin texture gaps and the dirt in the pores to be shaken out. The cleaning effect is much stronger than that of hand washing only on the surface. At the same time, the silicone surface is in contact with the skin, along with sliding and Zhao vibration, it will have a more effective effect on removing old dead skin cells, and many people will feel the skin becomes smoother, tender and translucent after using the cleansing device for a period of time.

Although the facial cleanser has a cleaning effect, can everyone use it? This will vary from person to person. People with thin skin stratum corneum are best to use it sparingly or not. People with thicker stratum corneum can try it boldly, but don’t overdo it. If it is used frequently for a long time, it will destroy the protective barrier of the skin itself, which will not be worth the loss. The cleansing instrument mainly uses the principle of physical vibration, which can vibrate in series with water and cleansing foam to achieve the principle of loosening old dead skin cells and superficial acne, achieving a deep cleansing effect. But you need to choose the strength and usage method, don’t use it every day, choose the cleansing device that suits your skin type. You should stop using the face with acne after use and reduce the frequency of use of the cleanser. The facial cleanser cannot be used to remove makeup, it will accelerate the aging of the brush head. , The brush head should be replaced every three months. The damage of the brush head causes the cleaning ability to decrease. When choosing a cleansing device, you must choose a cleansing device that suits your skin type, and it must also be matched with a good cleansing product. These two points are indispensable. It is recommended that users clean the facial cleanser regularly. Apply a little facial cleanser to the brush head and rinse in warm water until the brush head is completely clean. Facial cleansers with small brush heads are less irritating than cleansers with large brush heads, and are suitable for any skin type. Moreover, cleansers with small brush heads are safer and more convenient to use. Sensitive skin and mixed skin types are recommended Choose the cleansing instrument with small brush head to use.

So how to use the silicone cleansing device?

step 1:

Wet the face with clean water, then take an appropriate amount of facial cleanser, rub the foam on the palm of the hand, and apply it evenly on the face.

Step 2:

Wet the brush head of the cleansing instrument, press and hold the power button to turn on the cleansing instrument, and adjust the suitable gear.

Step 3:

Start cleansing the face, using circular motions to clean the cheeks, forehead, nose and lower eyelids.

Step 4:

Complete the cleansing and wash the face.

Step 5:

Rinse the cleansing device with clean water, and then place it in a ventilated place.

The frequency of use of the cleansing device depends on the main skin type: oily skin (thick stratum corneum) can be used once a day; dry skin is recommended to use about 3 times a week; sensitive skin (thin stratum corneum) for half a month Can be used once.

If you have skin problems such as acne, wounds, etc., you should stop using the facial cleanser to avoid facial damage.

After cleansing your face, be sure to do a good job of moisturizing, this time the skin absorption effect will be better!